Gesipa Taurus 2 24 Air Riveting Tool

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  • Weight: 1,60 kg
  • Working range: Blind rivets up to Ø 4 mm all materials, Ø5 mm steel; Ø 6 mm alu
  • Working range alu: 6 mm
  • Working range steel: 5 mm
  • Air consumption: 2.3 Litre per minute
  • Air hose connection: 6 mm
  • Setting stroke: 8400 N
  • Stroke: 24 mm
  • Operating mode: Compressed air
  • Operating pressure (min): 5 bar
  • Operating pressure (max): 7 bar
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The features and functions of the TAURUS 2/24 match those of the standard tool, but it has a stroke length of 24 mm instead of 18 mm. The advantage of the tool is that critical rivet types that require a large setting stroke can be securely installed with just one stroke and without the need for re-positioning. These rivets include our BULB-TITE or similar rivets. The TAURUS tool series features the unique modular system developed by GESIPA, which keeps the need for stocks of spare parts to a minimum and enables stress-free maintenance, while also providing high setting force in a lightweight tool. Users can therefore customise their TAURUS riveting tools to suit the requirements of each application. The wide range of variants offers users a great deal of flexibility.

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Weight 2 kg


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