Gesipa Taurus 2K For Plastic Blind Rivets

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  • Weight: 1,60 kg
  • Working range: Blind rivets plastic from 4 up to 6 mm Ø
  • Air consumption: 2.3 Litre per minute
  • Air hose connection: 6 mm
  • Setting stroke: 7000 N
  • Stroke: 24 mm
  • Operating mode: Compressed air
  • Operating pressure (min): 5 bar
  • Operating pressure (max): 7 bar
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The TAURUS 2/K is designed for the installation of plastic rivets. The functions of the TAURUS 2/K match those of the standard tool, but it has a stroke length of 24 mm instead of 18 mm. Plastic rivets only require a small setting force, but because of the toughness of the plastic they normally need long setting strokes. The TAURUS 2/K allows you to securely install plastic rivets with just one setting stroke. The TAURUS tool series features the unique modular system developed by GESIPA, which keeps the need for stocks of spare parts to a minimum and enables stress-free maintenance, while also providing high setting force in a lightweight tool. Users can therefore customise their TAURUS riveting tools to suit the requirements of each application. The wide range of variants offers users a great deal of flexibility.

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Weight 2 kg


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